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Anton Ciritis Completes Y Pedwarau

On the 9th September Anton Ciritis completed Y Pedwarau and became the second person to do so, the first being Rob Woodall who completed on Moel Eithinen (SJ 167 592) in the Bryniau Clwyd range on the 9th June 2011.
The Pedwars is available to download online
Front cover of the 1st Edition of Y Pedwarau (name now altered from The Pedwars) published May 2013 by Europeaklist

Anton chose Banc y Ddinas (SN 858 463) as his last Pedwar, the hill is situated on the outskirts of Llanwrtud (Llanwrtyd Wells) in the southern part of mid Wales.  Banc y Ddinas is rather unassuming as it is adjoined to Garn Wen, which at 511m is 33 metres higher than itself.  Both these hills can be easily combined in a single outing and although part of their respective hill sides are covered in forestry; their summits are thankfully open with the summit of Banc y Ddinas crowned by a small neat cairn.

Banc y Ddinas (SN 858 463).  Photo:  Anton Ciritis

The summit cairn on Banc y Ddinas.  Photo:  Anton Ciritis
Many of the Pedwarau hills were visited in the company of Carole Engel, and after completing the Nuttalls and Deweys, Anton and Carole decided that they loved Wales so much that they wanted another hill list as a challenge.  It was the original version of Y Pedwarau that appeared on Geoff Crowder’s V-G Backpacking in Britain website that fulfilled this challenge.

The first 400m Welsh hill that Anton recorded visiting was on 17th February 2009 in the great expanse of wilderness that makes up the Elenydd, this was Esgair Dderw.  This hill was originally listed in the Sub-List and only received full P30 Pedwar status in recent times, so even at this stage Anton was bagging hills that stood a possibility for future promotion.

First section of the original Welsh 400m P30 list as presented on Geoff Crowder's V-G website
Anton was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, a town where he still lives; he is now aged 60 and is recorded as the 176th completer of the 2,000ft mountains listed by John and Anne Nuttall (excluding Pillar Rock), the 6th person to have completed the Deweys and the 461st completer of the Wainwrights.  He has also completed the Birketts (excluding Pillar Rock), Wainwrights Outlying Fells and Donalds.  He can now add Y Pedwarau to his completed bagging exploits.

Michael Dewey's Mountain tables book

John and Anne Nuttall' two volume guides 

When Anton informed us of his completion he kindly sent some personal details through so that a post could appear on the Mapping Mountain Blog, part of what he sent appears below.

A tough set of hills unlike the other well done list’s where there are well used tracks and paths to them, these are mainly done using the ground you are faced with on the day navigating with the natural landscape, there is something for everyone, bog, pastures, heather, rock, track, fell and the dreaded tree crawling.

As for what next, well my goal is the Donald Dewey’s and their deleted tops a natural progression after completing the Donald’s, Donald Tops, New Donald’s and all the deleted tops associated with these, the remaining Fours that I have to do are being done on a sort of as and when basis when I only have the odd day off work or when passing going to another area. When I want to do some more in Wales I think I shall continue to do the sub 490-499 hills of which I have 3 to do and the sub Pedwarau tops.

Many congratulations to Anton, the second person to complete Y Pedwarau.

Anton Ciritis, the second person to complete Y Pedwarau.  Photo:  Carole Engel

Y Pedwarau is available in e and print booklet form and can be interactively ticked:

To access the Europeaklist booklet ‘Y Pedwarau’ as an e-booklet version or print booklet version please click {here]

To Access the list of ‘Y Pedwarau’ on the Haroldstreet website for GPS Waypoints, Google mapping and on-line hill bagging tick lists please click {here}

To access the list of ‘Sub-Pedwar’ hills on the Haoldstreet website for GPS Waypoints, Google mapping and on-line hill bagging lists please click {here}

To access the list of ‘Double Sub-Pedwar’ hills on the Haroldstreet website for GPS Waypoints, Google mapping and on-line hill bagging lists please click {here}

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